Wednesday, July 27th, 2016

Abandoned Dog Picked Up By Animal Services In Templeton After Running Into Traffic

Dog-LeashOver the last few days, Animal Services has received several of reports regarding a pit bull type dog, which appeared to have been abandoned in the vicinity of Vineyard and Posada Ave., near Twin Cities Hospital in Templeton.  Several of these reports indicated that the dog was wandering in areas of heavy traffic, occasionally walking into the roadway, and that he also appeared to be injured.

Several private citizens and animal control officers attempted to confine the dog, however, he appeared highly suspicious of people and evaded all efforts to catch him.

Based upon concern that the dog seemed to have an injured leg, which may need medical attention and the potential concern for public safety caused by his wandering in high traffic areas, Animal Services staff utilizing a dart gun were able to sedate and capture the dog at approximately 12:30 today.

The dog will be transported to the Animal Services shelter where its injuries and general condition will be assessed.  At present, there is no indication of the identity of the dog's owner.