Saturday, July 30th, 2016

Assault And Robbery May Be Linked Sanchez Homicide

Victor-Hugo-Sanchez-The Paso Robles Police Department is investigating the murder of Victor Sanchez.  Officials think the incident may be linked to the assault and robbery Sanchez was a victim of four months prior to the homicide.

Sanchez was shot multiple times in front of his apartment complex in Paso Robles in February.

Deputies say Sanchez was robbed and assaulted in October.  The suspects involved are 26-year-old Crystal Garner of Stockton and her boyfriend 24-year-old Joseph Villarreal Jr. of Stockton.  Villarreal and Garner were already in custody on unrelated charges at the time.

Investigators say there’s probable cause to believe Garner’s sister, 24-year-old Christine Garner and Christine’s husband, 37-year-old David Hernandez, were also involved in the planning, and assault and robbery.

Investigators think 49-year-old Maria Granados Fajardo of Paso Robles may have orchestrated and financed it.  Granados was the ex-girlfriend of Sanchez.  The two resided together in Paso Robles off-and-on until their relationship ended in mid-2012.

Investigators say the suspects Hernandez and Granados are related.

Officials say, Garner and Hernandez fled to Mexico shortly after Sanchez’ murder.

Garner was arrested by Mexican authorities and returned to the United States on April 17th.  She was booked in San Luis Obispo County Jail the next day.  Granados was arrested in Fayetteville, Georgia on April 24th in connection with the robbery and assault.

Hernandez is believed to be hiding in Mexico and has active arrest warrants in connection with the assault and robbery of Sanchez.

The SLO County DA’s office is working with Mexican authorities to return Hernandez to the United States.

No arrests have been made in connection with Sanchez’ murder.

Officials are investigating whether any of these suspects were involved with the planning and murder of Sanchez.