Friday, July 29th, 2016

Associated Students Says Responsibility Should be Taken for Deltopia

The Associated Students at the University of California, Santa Barbara say they believe UCSB and its students need to take responsibility and are in part to blame for things getting out of hand at Deltopia on Saturday night. The Associated Students released this statement which says: "We will be requesting a civil grand jury investigation into the events of April 5th… We simply think that the more information we have on this event, the better equipped we will be to prevent it from ever happening again."

Community leaders will convene to determine where to go from here as Deltopia grows every year.  The Santa Barbara Public Health Department reports 45 people were transported to local hospitals due to injuries or incidents at Deltopia. Half of those transported were unconscious from alcohol poisoning. The Santa Barbara County Fire Department reports they had 87 medical calls in a 6 block area in a 12 hour period during the party. and that there was  a stabbing. There is already a Facebook page set up for Deltopia 2015.