Friday, July 29th, 2016


Election Day


Today is Election Day, and KVEC Morning News has a summary of the seats up for grabs in today’s primary. Locally, there are two contested county supervisor seats on the ballot, a heated race for District Attorney, open seats for County Clerk-Recorder and Superintendent of Schools, and a Morro Bay mayoral and city councilmember race. Congresswoman Lois Capps’s opponent in …

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Parents of Isla Vista Victims Met to Lobby Politicians


Richard Martinez, the father of deceased UCSB student Chris Martinez in the Isla Vista shooting, met with Peter Rodger, the father of shooter Elliot Rodger. Martinez discussed the details of his private meeting with Rodger on Ronan Farrow Daily on MSNBC, in which he said that he and Rodger agreed to work together to lobby politicians for tighter gun regulation. …

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Former Santa Maria Police Lieutenant Wants Job Back


Former Santa Maria Police Lieutenant Dan Ast wants his job back. Ast’s arbitration hearing began yesterday, in which Ast was accused of negligence that resulted in the death of Officer Albert Covarrubias. Covarrubias allegedly had an affair with a police explorer in 2012, and two officers, one of whom was Ast, attempted to arrest Covarrubias at a DUI checkpoint. Covarrubias …

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Four Cyclists Hit by Pickup Truck


Four bicyclists participating in the AIDS/Life Cycle Bicycle Ride that continues today towards San Luis Obispo County are recovering from injuries they received after being hit by a pickup truck.  Police say an unlicensed driver was pulling out of a gas station on Highway 1 north of Moss Landing yesterday morning when he hit the riders.  The injured bicyclists were …

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Isla Vista Community Rallied Against Gun Violence


The Isla Vista community marched against gun violence on Saturday. The protesters met outside of the IV Deli, one of the ten locations that Elliot Rodger was at during his shooting spree on May 23. Many signs had the names of the victims, even though many of the protesters hadn’t met them. The protesters’ goal was to pressure politicians to …

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Baseball Season is Over for Cal Poly


The season is officially over for the Cal Poly baseball team, after Pepperdine rallied in the ninth to win 10-6. The Mustangs overcame a 5-0 deficit by scoring six runs in the eighth inning to tie the game. Left-hander Chris Taylor received the loss. The Mustangs ended their season with a record of 47-12 and Pepperdine will move on to …

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Woman Arrested for Mailing Drugs to Inmate


An Oceano woman was arrested for mailing withdrawal drugs to an inmate in San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Department County Jail Honor Farm. The woman, identified as Linda Johns, sent Thomas Rodriguez pieces of mail containing Suboxone, a drug used to treat opiate addiction. Johns and Rodriguez were both arrested for sending a controlled substance to a jail and criminal …

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SLO County Jail Put on Lockdown


SLO County Jail was in partial lockdown on Friday after an inmate was found dead. Timothy Janowicz, 29, was found unresponsive at 5:40 a.m. by his cell mates and medical staff declared him dead. Janowicz, a transient, was arrested by Atascadero police on Nov. 20 for possession of a controlled substance for sale, carrying a concealed weapon and violating probation. …

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Cry for Change From Isla Vista Families


“Not one more”- the rallying cry by Richard Martinez after his son Chris Martinez was murdered in the Isla Vista shooting spree last Friday- has become big on social media. Martinez repeated the three words at the UCSB memorial on Wednesday, resulting in the audience chanting it and stomping their feet. The Twitter site predicts that over 28 million people …

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Homicide at Atascadero State Hospital


A homicide occurred at the Atascadero State Hospital yesterday at 2:15 p.m. The murder took place when one patient attacked another, and after being rushed to the hospital the patient was pronounced dead at 3:00 p.m. An Atascadero State Hospital employee was also injured and was hospitalized. There are two suspects that are being held in the hospital under surveillance …

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