Tuesday, July 26th, 2016

Backyard Burns Temporarily Authorized

San Luis Obispo County – Due to recent rainfall, vegetation conditions have moderated the fire hazard such that Backyard Burn Permits will be temporarily authorized.  “Backyard” burning refers specifically to the burning of yard trimmings in residential backyards.  However, due to ongoing drought conditions and the expectation of warm/dry conditions returning, fire season rules remain in effect.   Therefore, backyard burning will only be authorized with valid burn permits from both APCD and CAL FIRE, pursuant to Public Resources Code 4423.

Backyard Burning – May only be conducted by occupants of single family or duplex dwellings outside urban and village reserve lines in rural areas on a designated “Burn Day”. Agricultural Burning – May only be conducted by agricultural operations that derive income from the growing of crops, or the raising of animals, or vegetation, forest or range management. CAL FIRE Burn Permits – Both types of CAL FIRE Burn Permits are available from your nearest CAL FIRE facility. 

Please visit http://calfireslo.org/burnpermits.html for information on burn permits and http://calfireslo.org/operationsstations.html for Station locations and contacts, or call Unit Headquarters at 805-543-4244. APCD Burn Permits (Not available at CAL FIRE facilities): Downloadable Applications for both types of APCD Burn Permits are available at www.SLOCleanAir.org to fill out, print and mail to the APCD, with a check for the permit fee ($50.00) – credit card and electronic payments are currently NOT accepted. 

After receiving a valid application and check, the APCD will then issue a Burn Permit. Two-part Mail-in Application & Permit forms for both types of burning are available at most libraries, selected Community Service District offices, the County Agricultural Commissioner’s and the APCD office. For additional APCD information about burning and the downloadable Applications for San Luis Obispo County, please visit the web site at www.SLOCleanAir.org or contact the Air District's Compliance Division at (805) 781-5912.  Call 1-800-834-2876 for Burn Day status.