Sunday, July 24th, 2016

Ban Poisonous Additives Act Has Been Introduced


Rep. Lois Capps (CA-24), along with Rep. Grace Meng (NY-06) and Senator Edward Markey (D-MA),  have introduced the Ban Poisonous Additives Act, a bill to protect industry workers and consumers from chemicals that the President’s Cancer Panel has indicated could be causing “grievous harm.” Bisephenol-A (BPA) is used to make plastics and resins in thousands of common consumer products, including food packaging. Exposure to BPA has been linked to numerous health problems, including breast cancer, altered fetal development, and infertility. The Ban Poisonous Additives Act (H.R. 5033) would remove BPA from food packaging, encourage the development of safer alternatives, and ensure a thorough safety review of all substances currently used in food and beverage containers. The bill also would require the Food and Drug Administration to examine the effects of BPA on workers who may have been disproportionately exposed to BPA during the manufacturing process.