Saturday, July 30th, 2016

Burn Pile Ignites Garage Fire In Atascadero

fireA structure fire over the weekend in Atascadero has caused $200,000 in damage. The fire broke out just before one-thirty Saturday afternoon on the nine-thousand block of San Rafael.

It was confined to a large, single-story garage. Responding crews found heavy smoke and flames burning through the roof.  The fire also spread to nearby vegetation.

The owner told firefighters that he stored gun powder, ammunition and welding tanks inside the garage.  Several small explosions were then heard. One firefighter received a cut on his face when a wall partially collapsed.  He was treated at the hospital and released.

It took crews about 25 minutes to get the fire under control.

Officials say the cause of the fire is a burn pile that caught nearby vegetation and the wood siding on the garage on fire.