Monday, July 25th, 2016

Cambria Reports Water Usage Drop


The Cambria Community Services District today reported water production totals for July 2014, showing another sharp drop in usage from prior years and historical averages.

Water production at CCSD wells during the month, normally the highest-usage time of the year, totaled 42.82 acre-feet. This was the lowest July total in CCSD records, which go back to 1988. It was also 44% below both the total for July 2013 and the historical average for the month.

This was the fourth consecutive month of all-time monthly lows for water consumption in Cambria, which has adopted aggressive conservation measures to counter the current severe drought. In the past six months, since shortly after Gov. Jerry Brown declared a drought emergency and asked Californians to cut their water use by at least 20%, Cambrians have cut their use by twice that figure — 40%.

 Cambria’s water use is historically highest in July and slightly lower in August. It typically drops off in September and October as the tourist season ends and landscape watering normally decreases. This year, outdoor use of potable water has been banned, and drought surcharges are imposed on restaurants and lodgings where water use exceeds 80% of prior year levels.