Thursday, July 28th, 2016

Local News

Coastal Commission to Dismiss Executive Director


At the Morro Bay Community Center last night, a decisive vote by the California Coastal Commission. Commissioners voting 7-5 in closed door session to dismiss Executive Director Dr. Charles Lester. The vote coming after more than six hours of public comments from environmental activists from throughout California. More than 500 showed up for the meeting. One commissioner commented about threats …

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Morro Bay City Council Will Not Limit Political Speech


Back in January, the city attorney cautioned the council against allowing members of the public to make announcements about seeking political office.  That’s after a former council member announced plans to run for mayor. The council has decided to reopen that opportunity.

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Homeless Donation Meters


Do you ever put money in a homeless meter? The donation stations were installed to reduce aggressive panhandling in San Luis and Santa Maria. Homeless meters installed in San Luis about two years ago have generated more than $13,000. In Santa Maria, four meters have generated about $18,000 over the last year.  The City of Santa Maria would like to …

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Laguna Lake is Filling Up


Water is returning to Laguna Lake.  The dry lake bed is now mostly inundated by the recent rainfall.  A small island still emerges from Laguna Lake.  Some neighbors are calling it “Isla Island in Laguna Lake.”

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County Supervisors Developing Marijuana Cultivation Ordinance


By this time next year, it’s likely the recreational use of marijuana will be legal in California.  Voters will vote on an initiative in November.  Currently polls show a majority of voters approve of legalization.  Yesterday, San Luis Obispo County Supervisors directed staff to develop an ordinance for cultivation like those in other California counties. Among those to speak before …

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Residents Asking SLO City Council to Ban Sale of “One Use” Water Bottles


Residents are asking San Luis Obispo City Council to discuss a ban on the sale of “one use” plastic water bottles on city property.  They want the city to install more “hydration stations” so people can refill reusable containers rather than buy new bottles.  The council will hold a study session on the issue.

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Diablo Canyon Power Plant Being Evaluated


State Senator Bill Monning of Carmel has introduced legislation that would require PG&E to do an assessment of the economic impacts if the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant were to shut down, either temporarily or permanently. More than 1400 people work at Diablo.  PG&E is the largest property taxpayer in the county. In 2014…the company paid 25 million dollars in taxes. …

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Cal Poly Grad Preparing for Third Olympiad


Cal Poly graduate Sharon Day is preparing for her third olympiad. The soccer and track star competed in the high jump in the Beijing Olympics and in the heptathlon in London. She’s been working on the seven events in the heptathlon and says she continues to improve. The heptathlon includes the 200 meter dash, 100 meter hurdles, 800 meter run, …

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Greg Morris Passes Away at 75


One sad note this morning…  San Luis Obispo loses an icon. Gregory Morris died Monday at his home in Avila Beach. Greg Morris grew up in San Luis Obispo and attended Old Mission School.  He graduated from Santa Clara University in 1962.  He remained active in the Catholic Church.  He also worked to restore the La Loma Adobe in San …

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Ballots Sent Out for Proposed Paso Robles Water District


Yesterday, ballots were sent out for the proposed Paso Robles Water District.  County officials are campaigning for approval of the water district.  Meanwhile at the Steinbeck winery, the campaign to defeat the water district continues.  Cindy Steinbeck says there are two trains rolling down two tracks.   One is a court case filed by 500 property owners.  The other is political, …

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