Saturday, July 30th, 2016

Cattle Drive Through Paso Robles To Kick Off Mid-State Fair

California-Mid-State-FairAs in years past, a cattle drive will kick-off the 2013 California Mid State Fair.  Traffic will be congested for approximately 1.5 hours, between 10AM and 11:30AM on Wednesday, July 17, 2013, as the cattle make their way through Paso Robles.

The Paso Robles Police Department will be closing various street intersections as the cattle move through the city.  The cattle drive will begin at Borjon Auto Center at the corner of Highway 46 and Golden Hill Road, and the cowboys will ‘guide’ the cattle down Golden Hill Road to Union Road, cross North River Road to the 13th Street Bridge, and then turn right up Riverside Avenue to the Paso Robles Event Center.

About fifty head of cattle will be driven along the streets with the cattle scheduled to arrive at the Paso Robles Event Center between 11:00-11:30AM.

Motorists are urged to be patient, expect delays, and to pre-plan alternate routes to reach their destinations while this event is in progress.