Saturday, July 30th, 2016

Clean-up Completed After Sewage Spill Along Bob Jones Trail

BobJonesTrailCounty health officials say a spill caused by a broken sewer line in Avila Beach has been cleaned up and the public is safe.

Five hundred gallons of raw sewage spilled along the Bob Jones Trail on Sunday.

Crews were on the scene that same afternoon, making sure the leak was stopped, cleaning it up, and beginning to make repairs.

The sewage lines and surrounding ground were disinfected using lime and a bleach compound.

Part of the Bob Jones Trail was dug up to complete the clean-up work, and the trail was resurfaced on Monday.

Thankfully the sewage did not enter the nearby creek, and health officials say there was never any reason to close Avila Beach.

The clean-up and repairs, which county officials say could cost several thousand dollars, are the responsibility of the company that owns the sewer lines.