Monday, July 25th, 2016

Competency Trial For Man Charged With Murder Postponed

John-BarrettA competency trial for an Atascadero man charged with murder is postponed until July 18th.  According to the District Attorney’s Office it was postponed yesterday, because his attorney needed more time to prepare.

43-year-old John Barrett is one of four people who were charged in the August 2011 murder of 55-year-old Robert Uyeno.

Uyeno’s body was found beaten and stabbed, with his throat cut, at the Farmhouse Motel in Paso Robles.

The other three defendants have been sentenced to lengthy prison terms.

Barett’s case was stalled when he was declared incompetent to stand trial.  According to court documents, Barrett has a low IQ and a developmental disability.

Criminal proceedings will resume if Barrett is declared competent.  If he is declared incompetent, then Barrett will be sent for further treatment.