Friday, July 29th, 2016

County Jail Intercepts Greeting Card With Methamphetamines

On 12-11-13, a Correctional Deputy at the County Jail intercepted a greeting card addressed to inmate Samantha Jo Long that was found to contain a white powdery substance wrapped in plastic and hidden between two sections of the card. The substance later tested positive for methamphetamine. No arrests were made at that time and Long was released from jail while serving time for an unrelated offense. Upon further investigation, Detectives with the Sheriff's Narcotics Unit, later identified a suspect, Jason Todd Hunter, as the person who had allegedly sent the narcotics to the jail. Detectives were able to locate both Hunter and Long at a motel in Pismo Beach. On 12-23-13, Detectives served arrest warrants at the motel where they arrested Hunter and Long and discovered approximately two ounces of methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia in their possession. Both Hunter and Long face a number of charges including bringing/sending a controlled substance to jail, conspiracy to commit a crime and possession of a controlled substance for sale.