Monday, July 25th, 2016

Early Warning System Test on Saturday


  The full scale test of the San Luis Obispo County Early Warning System sirens took place Saturday. The sirens were activated twice to test the primary and backup controls for the system. During each test, all 131 sirens operated successfully and sounded for three minutes. During major emergencies, the sounding of the sirens in an indication that the Emergency Alert System has been activated and the public should to tune to a local radio or television station to receive emergency information and instructions.

There are 131 Early Warning System sirens in the San Luis Obispo County Emergency Planning Zone that stretches from northern Nipomo Mesa to Cayucos and east through San Luis Obispo. Approximately 145,000 San Luis Obispo County residents live in the area covered by the sirens. The sirens are one of the public alert systems available to government officials should an emergency take place where protective actions are necessary. The county has other systems available including Reverse 9-1-1, the Emergency Alert System, wireless emergency alerts, and route alerting.

The Reverse 9-1-1 system was also tested in conjunction with the full-scale siren test.