Tuesday, July 26th, 2016

Grand Jury Inspects County Jails, Holding Cells, and Juvenile Hall

JailThe 2012-2013 San Luis Obispo County Grand Jury completed its annual inspection of twelve facilities in the County.  This includes detention facilities for men, women, and juveniles, city police department and court holding cells.

The Grand Jury found The Public Safety Realignment Act (AB 109) has had positive and negative effects on the county.  The jail population has increased and jails are overcrowded, but the act has provided additional funding for rehabilitation programs and the establishment of the Women's Honor Farm at the jail.

A new wing will be added to the County Juvenile Hall, increasing the capacity to 65 juveniles. The addition will be complete in 2015.

Holding cell facilities, visited by the Grand Jury, appeared to be clean, and safe for occupancy.