Thursday, July 28th, 2016

Man Arrested After Defrauding SLO Banks

Carl-BellenirSan Luis Obispo, CA — On February 5, Carl Bellenir, a 48 year old transient of Los Angeles entered Santa Barbara Bank and Trust at 995 Higuera with rolled coins to exchange for cash. The coin rolls were filled with the wrong denomination resulting in a loss from the bank.

Bellenir returned to Santa Barbara Bank and Trust on February 6.  An employee opened one of the rolls and called 911 to report the crime.  Bellenir left Santa Barbara Bank and Trust and went straight to Bank of America while officers where in route to the area. He successfully committed the same fraud at Bank of America. The witnesses provided a good description and several officers saturated the area.

An officer located Bellenir a few blocks away on a bike.  The fraud involved filling dime rolls with pennies and capping the ends with a dime. He was in possession of more change to continue his crime spree at local banks.

Bellenir was booked into county jail for the burglary and is being held on $20,000 bail.