Monday, July 25th, 2016

Man Found Unconscious From Apparent Drug Overdose in Bar Restroom

Ambulance-DrivingOn October 24 at approximately 4:30 P.M. probation officers were in the city of Paso Robles conducting probation compliance checks. Deputy Probation Officers Jason Hendrix and Christine Carlton assisted the Paso Robles Police Department by responding to a report of a male subject intoxicated in the bathroom of the Downtown Brew in Paso Robles.

Upon arrival, the two probation officers found a male subject lying face down in a stall in the men’s bathroom unresponsive and not breathing with a used syringe in his hand. The subject appeared to have overdosed on opiates. The probation officers radioed for emergency medical services while they worked to get the subject breathing again. A search of the subject’s backpack revealed several more used syringes and a bottle of Xanax. Paramedics arrived and administered a dose of Narcan to the subject which caused him to immediately begin breathing unaided. He was then transported by ambulance to Twin Cities Community Hospital. At the hospital the subject told the probation officers he had injected a dose of heroin into his neck before going unconscious.