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Michael Shecora

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I grew up in San Diego and spent a few years in Belgium before moving to the Central Coast. I've been here at Coast 101.3 since 1995. This has been my one and only broadcasting job. Favorite singers: Luther Vandross, Mel Torme, Diana Krall and Anita Baker. Favorite song: As Time Goes By.

Time Machine: San Luis Obispo Circa 1950



Take a look at San Luis Obispo County in the 50's! It's a video produced for Chevrolet.

A Different Way to Write: Slate and Stylus

If you're blind, a slate and a stylus are handy, portable tools that allow you to create braille on a regular piece of paper. This comes in handy for shopping lists, phone numbers, etc. The tricky part about brailling this way is that since you're poking with the sylus on the back of the paper, every character needs to be written backwards, right to left.  An impressive feat!




Guess Who?

Believe it or not, it's Clay Aiken, one of the contestants on the latest Celebrity Apprentice. What happened?!?

Michael Buble Protege? 

Michael Buble stumbles upon a 15-year-old who's bound to be the next, well, Michael Buble!



(Language not suitable for kids.)



Visiting Berlin

 I got to talk to Terri Nunn from the group Berlin when I was backstage at the recent concert/fundraiser for Options. She's one of the most delightful, vibrant, and joyful people I've ever met. She definitely took my breath away!

LA Food and Wine

Brad and I had a great time celebrating our 18th/3rd anniversary (18 years together, 3 years married) at LA Food and Wine the weekend of October 15th and 16th. Most of the events were on or near the red carpet at the Staples Center. Here's a picture of us from that weekend; Brad's on the left.



My Other Career

After 24 years teaching in a regular elementary school classroom, I've become a Teacher for the Visually Impaired. I work with a wide range of students: preschool through high school. Tasks include teaching braille and helping teachers adapt lessons for their blind and low-vision students. 



In the fall, I learned the basics on how to guide someone who's visually impaired. Here's a video I shot  as a class assignment guiding my husband, Brad, at the Coast 101.3 studio. My grade was 39 out of 40 points possible…not bad!


Mike leading Brad around a section of the El Dorado Broadcasters building




It's the best award show ever because it celebrates everyday people who REALLY make a difference in the world … by helping those in need.
Click on the CNN icon and be inspired!










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