Saturday, July 23rd, 2016

Morro Bay High To Host “Every 15 Minutes Program”

Every-15-minutesA high school in San Luis Obispo is staging an event today and tomorrow to challenge students to evaluate the real life costs of poor decisions involving drinking and driving.

Morro Bay High School will stage an “Every 15 Minutes program.”  All students will hear a 911 call on the intercom signaling the beginning of a “crash scene.” Law enforcement will remove students from class every 15 minutes and their obituaries will be read.

A memory wall will be placed on campus for these “living dead.”

It will happen at Morro Bay High School on the football field starting at 11:50 AM.

An assembly will be held tomorrow at 11:30 AM. Students will see the aftermath of a mock DUI crash.

For further information you can call Rachel Conrad at (714) 866-6307