Friday, July 29th, 2016

National Tsunami Preparedness Week

In conjunction with National Tsunami Preparedness Week the County Office of Emergency Services is cooperating with the National Weather Service and other organizations to help spread the word related to March 23 – 29 being Tsunami Preparedness Week, including information on a test of the tsunami warning system on March 26.

Officials will be testing the tsunami warning system in central and southern California today (March 26, beginning at about 10:15 am) as part of Tsunami Preparedness Week. This will include a television and radio station Emergency Alert System test. If you did not receive it and/or for ease of reference the NOAA press release is attached. Please note the Early Warning System sirens located in the Diablo Canyon Emergency Planning Zone will not be part of this test. However, for an actual tsunami warning the sirens potentially could be used to alert those along the coastline.

Tsunami warnings should be taken seriously and those living or visiting coastal areas should be aware of actions to take not only for a tsunami warning but also in case of a large earthquake felt along our coastline. Information on tsunami preparedness can be found through links on the web site of the County Office of Emergency Services at