Tuesday, July 26th, 2016

Officials Plan To Ramp Up Security At Amgen Tour Stop In Avila Beach

Security-guardsWhile the investigation continues into the bombings at the Boston Marathon, local law enforcement is focused on The Amgen Bike Tour of California. It’s the next major sporting event that’s expected to draw huge crowds to the Central Coast.

Officials say they have a plan of action in place for the stop in Avila Beach, but since Monday's explosions in Boson, officials say they plan to ramp up security presence.

The finish line for Stage 5 is expected to be on Front Street before the Inn at Avila Beach. County officials said on the day of the race, they will not allow more than 7,000 people into the area.  

The San Luis Obispo County Sheriff's Office, says because of the attack in Boston, Sheriff Ian Parkinson has decided to call a meeting next week with the different agencies and county officials affiliated with the Amgen Tour, including the California Highway Patrol and the FBI. While a special operations plan is already in place for when the bicyclists and crowds come into Avila, the meeting will go over that plan to see it needs to be modified. The main concern is public safety.

Stage 5 of the Amgen Bike Tour stops in Avila Beach on Thursday, May 16.