Tuesday, July 26th, 2016

Paso Robles Decoy Operation

On Saturday, June 14, officers from the Paso Robles Police Department conducted a ‘Minor Decoy Operation’ designed to help reduce youth access to alcohol. This operation involved minors attempting to purchase alcoholic beverages from Paso Robles businesses.

The minors were being monitored by undercover officers. The operation took place at twenty (20) different businesses in Paso Robles. The minor would enter the business and attempt to purchase alcohol. The minor was able to purchase alcohol at three   locations. The clerks that sold the alcohol were cited. The penalty for this violation is a $250 fine and/or community service. Those businesses will also be contacted by investigators from Alcohol Beverage Control and may face sanctions. Businesses that sold alcohol to minor: Pioneer Food Mart 1145 Spring Street; Woodland Chevron 190 Niblick Road and Manny’s Pizza Bar & Grill 2748 Spring Street.