Sunday, July 31st, 2016

Point San Luis Lighthouse Keepers Discover Stairs Defaced With Memorial Message

Point-San-Luis-Obispo-Light-HouseThe Point San Luis Lighthouse Keepers were saddened to find on Wednesday, March 6th that the stairs at Whaler’s Cove beach, which provide safe passage to the Light Station for ocean going visitors, had been defaced.

The stairs, which were built with funds from the Port San Luis Harbor District, Coastal Conservancy, and the Point San Luis Lighthouse Keepers, were carved into and painted with a memorial message for someone’s clearly well loved canine friend. While we certainly can understand the special relationship between man and his best friend, we also are saddened that something that was specifically built for the safety of our visitors has been damaged in this way.

These 16 ft boards will now have to be removed, replaced, and re-stained by the hardworking volunteers of the Lighthouse Keepers’. We simply hope that by making this incident known, we will encourage everyone to help protect not only this public space, but all public spaces, that everyone contributes to for the good of us all.

However, if anyone does have information about who might have caused this damage we certainly would appreciate being contacted at 805-540-5771.