Wednesday, July 27th, 2016

RV Fire Backs Up Traffic On 101

CarsIf you experienced delays yesterday morning traveling northbound on Highway 101, a recreational vehicle fire was the reason.

California Highway Patrol says an unknown mechanical issue is the likely cause of the fire.

It started around 7 AM after the driver of the RV heard some popping sounds and pulled onto the right-hand shoulder of the highway, between the Avila Beach Drive and San Luis Bay Drive off-ramps.

He was looking into the cause of the sounds when the fire started.

The incident delayed traffic on the highway through Pismo Beach.

One non-injury accident was reported in the area of Highway 101 and Price Street.

Commutes were delayed for a few minutes, but some travelers reported traffic was backed up all the way to Arroyo Grande until 8 AM.

He was not injured, and the damages to the RV are extensive.