Saturday, July 30th, 2016

Search and Recovery Team Working on Plane Crash

On 2-23-14, divers with the Sheriff's Underwater Search and Recovery Team working off the dive boat "Magic" located the wreckage believed to be that of the airplane that went down off the coast of Oceano on 1-14-14. Using all the information gathered from witnesses, radar, sonar and depth finders, the divers were able to locate a large debris field near the area they had been searching since the plane went down.

Divers found what appears to be the wing, the fuselage, and other parts of the aircraft. Two small pieces that were believed to be from the plane were recovered, including a carburetor and part of the manifold as well as a metal tube. No human remains were found. The Sheriff's Office is now coordinating with the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) to recover the wreckage.

Hundreds of hours were spent searching for the plane and through the dedication of all those involved in the search, hopefully, this will bring some closure to the families who lost a loved one in the accident. The search for any remains continues with the recovery effort.