Thursday, July 28th, 2016

Search And Rescue Comes To The Aid Of 2 Adults, 4 Children In Santa Barbara Wilderness

searchandrescue-sbOn the evening of Sunday, June 23, the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue (SBCSAR) team came to the assistance of six persons in distress, including four children.

As a motorcyclist from Santa Barbara was riding near Divide Peak, an off-road area in the mountains above Santa Barbara, he lost his motorcycle over the side of a cliff on a hairpin turn.  Unable to recover his bike from his location, approximately 12 miles from a paved road, he called 911 for help.

Six SBCSAR members responded to the staging area at East Camino Cielo’s Romero Saddle.  Four members used specialty off-road vehicles to access his location.  Upon arrival, members verified he was not injured, brought his motorcycle back to the road, and assisted his return to his vehicle on East Camino Cielo.

During this rescue, the SBCSAR team received a call for five lost hikers, including four children (ages 14, 10, 6, and 5), on the Romero Canyon Trail.  Six team members, including two who were already staged at the Romero Saddle for the stranded motorcyclist, responded to the location of the five lost Santa Barbara residents.  Losing daylight, team members hiked to their location near the cold and foggy peak, evaluated their medical conditions, and hiked them out to the Saddle. They were then transported back to their vehicle at the Romero Canyon Trailhead.

SBCSAR credits the hikers for not waiting in an emergency and calling 911 when they encountered trouble.  The team urges lost persons to “Hug-A-Tree” and stay put so that rescuers can locate persons in distress.  Finally, SBCSAR reminds outdoors enthusiasts to take a cell phone (but not to rely on it in a questionable coverage area) and to let someone know where they are going.