Friday, July 29th, 2016

Several Packages Stolen In Morro Bay Area

Over a three-day period, from December 13 to 16, several packages left at residences in Morro Bay by delivery companies were stolen from the front porches after they were left by delivery employees. It is likely that the suspect(s) followed the delivery trucks around and stole the packages after they were left at each residence. As of this date, there is no suspect identified for these crimes.
Morro Bay Police would like to remind the public that due to the holiday season, everyone should be more aware of the potential for criminal activity and take extra measures to safeguard packages. When ordering items online, be sure to track the delivery, to ensure you are home when packages are delivered. Most shipping companies and the Post Office, when requested, will deliver to an alternate location where someone is home, or will leave a note regarding the delivery for later pick-up of the package(s). Additionally, never leave valuables in view inside a vehicle, as this also provides the opportunity for theft.