Friday, July 29th, 2016

SLO Air Quality Warning

Forest-Wild-FireThe San Luis Obispo (SLO) County Air Pollution Control District (APCD) informs individuals that the air quality in San Luis Obispo County is being impacted by smoke from the wildfires that are occurring in Southwestern Oregon.  Due to deteriorating air quality, the Camp SLO prescribed burn that was scheduled for today has been postponed.
Wildfire smoke is traveling down the coast from Oregon and impacting coastal communities in California.  In San Luis Obispo County, the impacts are currently greater along the coast where the air quality index (AQI) is at the Moderate or the Yellow category – air quality that is unhealthy for very sensitive people. The AQI for the interior parts of San Luis Obispo is currently Good or the Green category.
County agencies urge residents to use common sense and take precautions to reduce the harmful health effects associated with smoke exposure. When you can see or smell smoke in your surroundings, the APCD recommends that you avoid strenuous outdoor activity and remain indoors as much as possible.
The District will continue to closely monitor smoke impacts and air quality in San Luis Obispo County and work with CAL FIRE and Camp San Luis Obispo on a revised date for the prescribed burn.