Thursday, July 28th, 2016

Solarize Creates Local Jobs For San Luis Obispo Residents

In just two months, Solarize San Luis Obispo County, a group-purchasing program for residential solar electric systems, has successfully created local jobs and helped 43 homeowners start saving by switching their homes to solar.

Two local non-profits, the Economic Vitality Corporation (EVC) and the Community Environmental Council (CEC), partnered to bring this limited-time program to San Luis Obispo County. The program launched on August 1st with the goal of making the switch to solar power simple and affordable for county residents while stimulating the local economy.

“We are ecstatic at the success of the program in its first two months. Forty-three homeowners have already gone solar and we hope that more county homeowners will be able to take advantage of special Solarize pricing,” stated Jefferson Litten, CEC’s Solarize Program Coordinator. Litten noted that previous Solarize group-purchasing programs in Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties have helped more than 140 homeowners switch to solar energy and that the program for San Luis Obispo County is on pace to be the most successful Solarize program to date.

The Solarize program is endorsed by the Green Energy Cluster, a group of business leaders working together through the countywide economic strategy project managed by the EVC. “The Solarize program fits with the Green Energy cluster's vision for SLO County to be a world-class leader in energy efficiency and renewable energy generation,” said Don Maruska, co-chair for the Green Energy Cluster. “Communities throughout the nation like Portland, Seattle, and San Jose enjoyed success with their Solarize programs. Our local program is generating both awareness and results. We hope this will create a larger market for all solar providers as well as increased benefits for residents and the environment,” added Maruska.

Solarize features two local solar installers, REC Solar and Solarponics. Both companies were vetted by a committee of experts and selected for the program based on a broad range of criteria. The companies are offering the same special pricing to homeowners in the county who sign a contract by November 1.

Both companies have seen a boost in sales and in job creation as a result of the Solarize program. Commenting on the increased business as a result of the program, REC Solar’s Branch Manager Rose Hall noted, “We have added a fourth installation crew to address our growing number of projects and are in the process of adding a 5th and 6th crew over the next month.”