Sunday, July 24th, 2016

Statewide Earthquake Drill This Thursday

A statewide “drop, cover, and hold on” earthquake drill is taking place Thursday, October 17 at 10:17 A.M. to help inform and remind people what to do during an earthquake.

The drill, the Great California ShakeOut, is intended for all of us living in earthquake country to practice how to protect ourselves during earthquakes. It also provides a chance for us to learn how to otherwise prepare for an earthquake at work, school and home.

This is an opportunity for everyone within San Luis Obispo County to remember we have had damaging earthquakes locally and we could again at anytime. A very important way to prepare is by knowing and practicing what to do during an earthquake and the Great California ShakeOut will help us. Any individual or organization can register online at to be a formal part of the ShakeOut event. The ShakeOut Web site also has additional earthquake preparedness information. The event will involve millions of people in California – over 43,600 people are registered in San Luis Obispo County according to
In addition to the ShakeOut web site, Other sources of information on how to prepare for an earthquake can be found in the AT&T YP telephone book’s “First Aid and Survival Guide” white pages section and online at Web sites such as the San Luis Obispo County chapter of the American Red Cross at For additional information locally, contact the County Office of Emergency Services at 781-5011 or online at
Editor’s Note: has a listing of many of the various type of agencies, entities, and jurisdictions participating in the drill throughout San Luis Obispo County.
County OES is increasing our use of Twitter to put out ongoing preparedness information and information during large or unusual emergencies. We can be followed at @slocountyoes