Saturday, July 30th, 2016

Sting Operation Catches SLO Businesses Selling Alcohol To A Minor

alcoholNine businesses in San Luis Obispo are in trouble for selling alcohol to minors.

Officials from the San Luis Obispo Department and the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control or ABC ran a sting operation. A minor with decoy identification worked under the supervision of the officials.

Nine of the 45 business did not check the minor’s identification.  Those who sell alcohol to a minor face community service and/or a fine for a first violation.

The nine businesses that sold alcohol to the minor are:

1. Veini Vai Restaurant

2. The Sidecar Restaurant

3. AM/PM

4. Circle K

5. Sandy’s Liquor Store

6. Madonna Shell Gas Station

7. 76 Gas Station

8. Chevron Gas Station

9. University Gas Station

ABC will take action against the alcoholic beverage licenses of the businesses where sales to minors occur, which may include a fine, a suspension of the liquor license, or the permanent revocation of the license.