Saturday, July 23rd, 2016

Student Drug Dealer Arrested In Isla Vista

Josh-SteinhornA 19-year-old Santa Barbara City College Student from Alamo, California was arrested last Wednesday, March 20th, at his Isla Vista apartment on drug related charges.  Joshua Steinhorn had been under investigation by the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office’s Narcotics Enforcement Unit for three months. 

Narcotics Detectives served a search warrant at Steinhorn’s apartment around 1:30 p.m. located in the 6500 block of El Colegio Road.  They seized one pound of MDMA known as “Molly”, a drug chemically consistent with ecstasy.  A typical dose of “Molly” is generally .10 grams.  Steinhorn was found to be in possession of more than 4,500 doses with an estimated street value of $45,000 dollars.

“Molly” is a nickname for MDMA and is known for giving users a feeling of euphoria and empathy toward others.  MDMA causes the brain to release a surge of Serotonin leaving it depleted of this important chemical.  “Molly” comes in powder form or capsules. 

Evidence seized during the course of the investigation, reveals that Steinhorn was packaging the “Molly’ to sell to the Isla Vista community.

Steinhorn was arrested and booked for violations of 11378 H&S, possession of a controlled substance for sale, and 11350 H&S, possession of a controlled substance and 11364  H&S, possession of drug paraphernalia.  He was booked into the Santa Barbara County Jail on the violations and bail was set at $30,000 dollars. 

A judge released Steinhorn on his own recognizance on March 22nd.  He is scheduled to appear in court again on April 25th.