Sunday, July 24th, 2016

Two Arrested After Allegedly Stealing Firefighting Equipment

On January 6, the San Luis Obispo Police Department received a report of a theft of property from a vehicle in the downtown area belonging to a San Luis Obispo City Firefighter. The stolen property included numerous articles of firefighting clothing, department equipment and accessories. Several hours later two males were seen by fire department personnel in possession of some of the equipment as they rode bicycles in the area of Caudill and Victoria. San Luis Obispo Police Officers searched the area and with the help of members of the San Luis Obispo Fire Department, located the suspects at Goodwill on Industrial Way. An investigation led to the recovery of a large portion of the stolen accessories and equipment as well as the arrest of two suspects for possession of stolen property. While officers were investigating this crime, a second victim reported a theft of tools from her vehicle in the area of the Amtrak Train Station. The suspects seen in the Amtrak area theft matched the two males that were being detained by officers. The suspects were found to be in possession of tools stolen from the vehicle in the Amtrak area theft. The two suspects, 26 year-old Esteban Mota and 27-year-old Casey Cerro, both transients, were caharged with two counts of possession of stolen property.