Wednesday, July 27th, 2016

Two Women Arrested In Orcutt After Vandalizing Several Cars

Lagua-SaucedoTwo women were arrested in Orcutt on Tuesday morning, on felony vandalism charges in association with a string of vehicles that were sprayed with an aerosol paint stripper.   22-year-old Megan Michelle Lagua of Santa Maria and 18-year-old Alyssa Marie Saucedo of Guadalupe were arrested after an investigation revealed that they were connected to the crimes.

Shortly after 11 pm on Monday, March 18th, Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a home on Amethyst Drive after a resident reported that his vehicle had been vandalized.  The car had been sprayed with a chemical that caused the paint to bubble.  Several other area residents reported similar damage to their vehicles and six separate victims were identified.  The vandalism occurred in the residential area north/west of Patterson and Bradley between 11 p.m. and 1 a.m. in the morning.

A black Dodge Nitro was seen driving away from the area.  While investigating one of the vandalisms, a Deputy saw a vehicle matching the description drive by.  The Deputy got in his patrol car and pulled the suspect vehicle over at Clark Avenue.  During the traffic stop, the two women in the car were determined to be responsible due to evidence found in the car. 

One of the vandalized cars appeared to be targeted and the others were randomly chosen.  Damage to the vehicles is estimated to be thousands of dollars.  The women were arrested on felony vandalism charges.  They were booked into the Santa Maria substation and bail was set at 20 thousand dollars each. 

Detectives believe there may be more victims and urge anyone who has paint peeling off their vehicles in the areas where the vandalism occurred to contact the Santa Maria substation at (805) 934-6150 and file a report.