Thursday, July 28th, 2016

Unauthorized Paint Crews in Paso Robles

The City of Paso Robles and the Paso Robles Police Department advise residents to be on the alert for unauthorized paint crews currently operating within the community. Subjects have been going door-to-door advising residents that they are city employees who will be painting the curb number for a fee.

While some of these companies may have obtained business licenses to operate within the City of Paso Robles, none of these companies are affiliated with or working at the City’s request.
If someone paints your house address on the curb without your prior approval and then requests payment, you do not have to pay. Never pay first before the curb is painted. Also, inspect the work to be certain the correct address number was painted.

If you observe an unauthorized paint crew operating in your neighborhood or if you are harassed by an individual asking for payment for curb painting services, you are encouraged to report the activity to the Paso Robles Police Department at 237-6464.